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Emmanuel Lutheran School Science Summer Camp
August 3, 2018 - WLOS News 13's Never Stop Learning segment showed the campers at Emmanuel Lutheran School in Asheville learning about The Power of Light, Gases, Law of Motion, Earthquakes, Volcanos, some Totally Tasty Science, and getting a hands-on look at science! Alli-Gator leads the group in a week-long summer camp at the school, where the students got to learn about STEM related topics! Check out the video clip here

Emmanuel Lutheran School Science Summer Camp
July 21, 2016 - WLOS News 13's Never Stop Learning segment showed the campers at Emmanuel Lutheran School in Asheville learning about Outer Space, launching rockets, and getting a hands-on look at science! Asteroid Amber leads the group in a week long summer camp at the school, where the students got to learn about STEM related topics! Check out the video clip here

Senior Science
September 23, 2009 – WLOS News 13 captured Dinosaur Dan and Einstein Emily at the Grove Senior Center in Asheville, NC for some hands-on, FUN science! Seniors participating in the program created space mud, went ice cube fishing and even challenged one another in some molecule races. Through participation in these exciting experiments, seniors were encouraged to use their imagination, curiosity and observation skills! Click on the link below to see how science can be fun and stimulating at any age!

Moon Mud
June 30, 2009 – WLOS News 13 captured Einstein Emily at the Waynesville Recreation Center Summer Camp in Waynesville, NC for some "moon mud" madness! Campers participating in the hands-on, science program learned all about chemical reactions and polymerization as they mixed glue with borax to make a FUN, stretchy, bouncy concoction that even glowed in the dark!

"Our scientist was wonderful, fantastic and very professional! Our campers always looked forward to making their experiments and taking their projects home to show their siblings & parents. I would highly recommend High Touch High Tech to any school or organization that is looking for a fun, safe and educational activity/program! Thank You!"
Waynesville Recreation Center
Waynesville, NC


Making Magnets
April 25, 2008 - WLOS News 13 captured Zoology Zoe at the Veritas Christian Academy in Fletcher, NC for some magnetic fun! Students participating in this hands-on, science program learned all the "attractive" facts about magnets and their poles as they tested their knowledge and theories by performing experiments including magnet races, floating rings, and paper clip fishing.

"Awesome! My students loved it! Such an interactive, fun morning!
Mrs. Taliaferro, 1st Grade, Carolina Day School
Asheville, NC


High Touch High Tech Participates in WNC Nature Center's Festival of Knowledge
February 20, 2008 - High Touch High Tech participated in the WNC Nature Center's Festival of Knowledge where children of all ages had their science fair projects on display.

Students and visitors to the WNC Nature Center had the opportunity to enjoy an "edu-taining" experience as High Touch High Tech scientists facilitated their signature experiment, "Space Mud".

In recognition of the student's efforts, High Touch High Tech awarded prizes to the top two finishers in the science fair competition.

"The day's events were a true celebration of science and nature!" said High Touch High Tech President Daniel Shaw. "High Touch High Tech is committed to increasing the scientific literacy of children and we appreciate the opportunity to recognize these students for their creative displays."


Worldwide High Touch High Tech serves students in 27 locations across the United States and 5 foreign countries. High Touch High Tech programs stimulate the imagination and curiosity of children and are now also available in Western North Carolina.


High Touch High Tech programs include In-school workshops, Afterschool programs, Preschool programs, Summer Camp programs and Birthday parties.

For more information on the WNC Nature Center, visit their website at: www.wildwnc.org


"Wonderful! the students were very excited about the experiments. The volcanoes were a huge success! Thanks!"
Mrs. Lynne Cupro, 3rd Grade, Veritas Christian Academy
Fletcher, NC


Maccabi Academy to Partner with New Mobile Science Program
Five-year old Madison Swickle's jaw dropped as a vortex of colored water, mimicking the forces of a tornado, formed right in front of her eyes in the miniature lab she had just built. The wide-eyed, speechless expression on the face of the Maccabi Academy Kindergartner said it all. "This is so cool!"


That was last year. Now, as a first grader at Maccabi Academy, Madison and the rest of the kids at Maccabi Academy are looking forward to an entire year of "cool!" thanks to a generous offer from High Touch High Tech Mobile Science Lab.


Daniel Shaw, High Touch High Tech president announced that the company would be donating a year's worth of programming to Maccabi Academy. After getting a taste of the unique and engaging program last year, teachers and students at the school can't wait for more.


"This is really exciting. The High Touch High Tech van came out last spring and the kids just ate it up. They made their own tornadoes, studied chromatography, and were really basically turned on to science," said Amy Rowling, who teaches kindergarten and first grade.


Shaw, founded High Touch High Tech in 1991 in Coral Springs, FL. A former microbiologist, Shaw, a.k.a. "Dinosaur Dan", has created more than 60 programs that cover pretty much every chapter in a typical elementary-level science class, including Earth, space, plant life, molecules, insects, nutrients and weather. Using a fully loaded mobile science lab, a team of scientists visits the school for a 90-minute session, engaging the kids and passing along their passion for exploration.

For more information about Maccabi Academy,
contact the school at 828.254.5660 or visit www.maccabiacademy.org


"The students loved being involved in the experiments. They especially liked working with the owl pellets. This program was great!"
Ms. Crawford, 5th Grade, Estes Elementary
Asheville, NC



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